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U.S.A: Religion

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Polls estimate that 80 percent of Americans are Christians of various denominations. While Christianity is growing in America, it is not growing as fast as the general population resulting in a 10 per cent decline from 90 percent as recently as 1990. About 2 percent of Americans follow Judaism. The other 18 percent is comprised of people of no religion and other religions, such as Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism.

The United States is noteworthy among developed nations for its relatively high level of religiosity. According to a 2004 Gallup poll, about 44% of Americans attend a religious service at least once a week. However, this rate is not uniform across the country; attendance is more common in the Bible Belt—composed largely of Southern and Midwestern states—than in the Northeast and West Coast. In the Southern states, Baptists are the largest group, followed by Methodists; Roman Catholics are dominant in the Northeast and in large parts of the Midwest due to their being settled by descendants of Catholic immigrants from Europe (such as Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Poland) or other parts of North America (mainly Quebec and Puerto Rico). The rest of the country for the most part has a complex mixture of various Christian groups.

According to census figures and related polls, neo-paganism is the fastest growing organized religion in the United States though its numbers of adherents are rated below 800,000 in the United States as of 2000. This reflects a growing diversification of religious belief in the United States over the last few decades.

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