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NETHERLANDS: Local Customs

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Winterland Maastricht
26 Nov - 8 Jan
Maastricht celebrates the season of goodwill with Winterland Maastricht on the Vrijthof. Visitors can enjoy ice skating on a huge rink, snow bobbing, a fairground with a big ferris wheel and more.

Holland Flowers Festival
Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Zwaagdijk-Oost
The Holland Flowers Festival is the Netherlands' principal bulbous plants and flowers show and takes place at the Proeftuin Zwaagdijk in Zwaagdjik-Oost. Floral arrangements of hundreds of flowers.

Carnival in Maastricht
26 - 28 Feb
Centred in Maastricht and the southern province of Limburg, the annual carnival celebrations shake off the winter blues with a variety of festivities. Use your international cellular phone rentals to learn more.

Stille Omgang
18 Mar
The Stille Omgang silent procession takes place through the streets of Amsterdam every March.

Feest Brielle
Every year on 1 April the town of Brielle celebrates its revolt against Spanish rule in 1572, in a celebration known as Feest Brielle. Families dress in 16th-century costume and re-enact the revolt.

National Museum Weekend
During the annual National Museum Weekend, major museums in the Netherlands are open free of charge (or at least at a discount) as well as showing off with special events.

Queen's Night Festival
The Hague
Such is their love for Queen Beatrix that the people of the Hague go to town on this day, with a mammoth free music festival and parties everywhere - around 250,000 people lap up the programme.

Queen's Day
Queen's Day celebrates the birthday of the former Queen Juliana and is one of the largest, most vibrant celebrations in the Dutch calendar. Flags fly, music pumps and millions take to the streets.

Queen's Day in Amsterdam
Throughout the Netherlands, the Dutch celebrate the (previous) Queen's birthday, known as Queen's Day, with a full-on party. Boosted by the arrival of over a million people, Amsterdam holds a party.

Queen's Birthday
The Hague
Although Queen Beatrix's birthday is officially on 31 January, the loyal nation celebrates for her each year on 30 April. Like most towns and cities across the Netherlands, The Hague hosts a feast.

Remembrance Day and Liberation Day
The Netherlands has its own way of commemorating the Second World War and celebrating the country's liberation from five years of occupation. Unlike most countries, it sets aside two days to party.

Queen's Fair
Apr - May
The Hague
The Queen of the Netherlands has one of the most widely celebrated birthdays each year. As well as a whole day of celebrations on her official birthday (30 April) and a music festival in her honour.

National Windmill Day
More than 600 of Holland's 1000 windmills fly a blue pennant each year to show they welcome visitors on National Windmill Day.

Dunya Festival
The annual Dunya festival in Rotterdam offers a wealth of arts and culture from around the globe. Around 200,000 festival-goers enjoy a day of action-packed fun in the open air.

Scheveningen Kite Festival
Scheveningen Beach, The Hague
The Scheveningen Kite Festival takes place each year on the southern part of Scheveningen Beach in the Hague.

Poetry International Festival
Rotterdam Municipal Theatre, Rotterdam
The Poetry International Festival is the largest gathering of international poets in Europe, held every year at the Rotterdam Municipal Theatre.

Holland Festival
Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam
The Holland Festival is the biggest arts event in the Dutch calendar and fills Amsterdam with culture for more than three weeks. Performances take place at the new modern music venue. Use your Netherlands cell phone renatl to reserve tickets.

Maritime Museum
Sep - Jun; not Mon (various dates)
Maritime Museum, Rotterdam
Rotterdam wouldn't exist but for the water that surrounds it. If the history of the city interests you, don't miss the excellent Maritime Museum. Only moments away from the impressive Erasmus.

Op Roakeldais International Folklore Festival
Jun - Jul
The international folkloric dance festival Op Roakeldais takes place each year in the town of Warffum, attracting dance groups from all over the world and an audience of around 25,000.

De Parade
Westbroekpark, The Hague
De Parade is a travelling festival which moves from city to city in the Netherlands each summer. Here the fun comes to The Hague's Westbroekpark. Performances take place in clusters of tents.

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