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MEXICO: Culture

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Mexican people are wonderful. Theirs is truly a multicultural society. They have met this head on and strive as a nation under one flag to work together for a free prosperous society.

The Mexicans you meet will undoubtedly be hard working individuals with strong family ties. Mexicans are extremely family oriented. Children are adored here and much attention is paid to the old and disabled.

Mexico has a rich culture, a fascinating history and is nothing short of magical. The people reflect this and do so matching western contemporary styles. You may see a young boy with baggy pants and a skateboard sitting at a computer terminal in an Internet café in a remote village while his mother, in traditional Maya clothing, waits outside. By using your international mobile phone rentals you can easily discover the many aspects of this rich culture.

Something you may find surprising is that people want to talk to you. This will occur often. You will also notice yourself saying hello a lot more than you are accustomed to!

Mexico is a complicated place. Many people have sacrificed their lives in the fight for freedom and equality. Ruthless invading forces have left bad memories and stigmas that still surface to this day.

When you make friends with a Mexican you have a friend for life. Travel amongst Mexico's people and you will experience acts of kindness that will change your entire view of mankind. Be sure you use your international cellular phone rental to keep in touch with your new friends.


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