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JAMAICA: Travel Tips

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-Handshaking is the customary form of greeting.

-As tourism is a major industry in Jamaica, the visitor is well catered for, and hotel and restaurant staff are generally friendly and efficient.

-Outside Kingston, the pace of life is relaxed and people are welcoming and hospitable.

-Normal codes of practice should be observed when visiting someone’s home.
-It may be common to see signs on the island referring to ‘Jah lives’, Jah being the name given to God by the Rastafarians.

-Casual wear is suitable during the day, but shorts and swimsuits must be confined to beaches and poolsides. Evening dress varies from very casual in Negril to quite formal during the season in other resorts, where some hotels and restaurants require men to wear jackets and ties at dinner.

-Possession of marijuana may lead to imprisonment and deportation.

-Tipping: most Jamaican hotels and restaurants add a service charge of 10 per cent; otherwise 10 to 15 per cent is expected. Chambermaids, waiters, hotel bellboys and airport porters all expect tips. Taxi drivers receive 10 per cent of the fare.

-Do not carry large amounts of cash.

-Keep your travel documents safe at all times.

-Do get a Jamaica cell phone rental so you can stay in touch and coveniently get important information during your stay.

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