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INDIA: Local Customs

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Indians do not celebrate without any reason. Hundreds of events take place throughout the year in different regions of the country. People plan the events very carefully and celebrate them with pomp and gaiety when the time arrives. There may be hundreds of such events but that does not mean that some events are less important than the others. It is also interesting to note that sometimes a single fair or festival is celebrated in different ways in various regions of the country. The visitor may fail to comprehend this fact, nevertheless it offers a lot of thrill and excitement to tourists whenever they visit India. Infact, India with its diverse culture and traditions is famous for her many fairs and festivals. Given below is a list of major festivals and fairs.

Andhra Pradesh
Sankranti: January
Kakatlya Festival: January
Intentional Kite Festival: January
Lumbini Festival: March/April
Deccan Festival: April
Vijaynangar Festival: October
Girijan Festival: November

Bihu Festival: April
Ambubashi Mela: June
Tea Festival: November/December

Deo Mahotsav: Feb/March
Vaishali Mahotsav: Feb/March
Mithila Mahotsav: April/May
Rajglr Mahotsav: October ,
Buddha Festival: November

Garden Festival: February ,

Jahan-e-khusrau: March
Qutub Festival: September
Garden Festival: February
Chandni Chowk Festival: Nov/Dec

Carnival: February
Shigmo: February
Goa Food and Cultural Festival: Nov/Dec

Katchh Festival: March
Janamashtami: July/August
Tarnetar Festival: September

Vintage Car Rally: February
Balsakhi: April
Mango Festival: June/July
Teej: August
Geets Jayanti: Nov/Dec

Himachal Pradesh
Shimla Summer Festival: May/June
Kullu-Dussehra Festival: October
Lavi Fair: November

Jammu & Kashmir
Ladakh Festival: September

Great Elephant: March/January
Nishagandi Dance Festival: February
Nehru Trophy Boat Race: August
Onam Celebrations: August

Madhya Pradesh
Khajuraho Festival: February/March
Tansen Festival: December

Elephants Festival: February
Ganesh/Pune Festival: September
Ellora Festival: December

Pawlkot Festival: Dec./January,
Chapcharkut Festival: February
Mimkut Festival: August/September

Kut Festival: November

Nongren Dance Festival: October
Shadsuk Mynsiem: April
Garoga Wangala: Oct/Nov

Sekrenyi Festival: February
Moastii Festival: May.
Hornbill Festival: December,

Chhou Festival: April
Rath Yatra: July
Konark Dance Festival: December

Fete de Pondicherry/yoga Festival: January

Holla Mohala Anandpur Saheb: March
Vaisakhi: April

Camel Festival: January
Dest Festival: February
Elephant Festival: March
Gangaur Festival: April
Marwar Festival: October
Pushkar: November

Hossar: February
Bumchu: February
Saga Dawa: May/June
Pang Lhabsol: Aug/Sept
Lossong: December

Tamil Nadu
Pongal: January
Natyanjali Festival: February
Silk Festival: October
Mamallapuram Dance Festival: Nov/Dec
Tea and Tourism Festival: Nov/Dec

Uttar Pradesh
Taj Mahotsav: February
Lucknow Festival: November
Avadh Festival: November

West Bengal
Shantiniketan Festival: January
Vishnupur Festival: December

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