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FRANCE: Travel Tips

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-Heavy on-the-spot fines are given for traffic offences, such as speeding, and drivers can be stopped and breathalysed during spot checks. The minimum fine for speeding is v138.82 and immediate fines of up to v4573 can be levied for drink-driving offences (if you do not have enough cash, you will be required to pay a deposit). Police are fairly visible on the main roads of France during summer.

-Most restaurant bills include a service charge, and this is generally indicated at the foot of the menu. If in doubt, ask "Est-ce que le service est compris?" In any case it is common to leave a small additional tip for the waiter if the service has been good. Remember to address waiters as Monsieur, never as garçon; waitresses are Mademoiselle or Madame according to age.It is now law in France to have separate eating areas for smokers and non-smokers. This has to be one of the most commonly flouted laws in existence; many French still puff away throughout a meal.It is customary to tip taxi drivers 10 percent, though this is not obligatory. Although the French are famous for kissing cheeks as a greeting, it is best for to follow the lead of the other person or just shake hands.

-Dress modestly to enter places of worship.

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