Rent an international cell phone when traveling to anywhere in the world - Europe, USA, Carribean, Asia
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q -  How far in advance do I have to order?
A -  We can accept a reservation for an international cell phone at anytime. We will call prior to your scheduled departure to confirm that you will still be needing the phone. The phone's are shipped overnight courier, we need at least the shipping time, but prefer a two day notice.
Q -  How do I order?
A -  Simple! Call World Cellular Rentals in :
One Number for all our Offices
Montreal Toronto Quebec
Calgary Vancouver Ottawa
New York   Florida
  Please state the dates you will need the cell phone and the countries you will be visiting.
Q - Payment ?
Q - Do you require a deposit & when is my card charged?
A - 

When your order is packed, your card will be authorised for $350 per phone rented. This is an authorisation, and not a charge, and will not appear on your credit card statement.

It will however reduce your available credit limit, and acts as a deposit. In addition we will charge your card for the total rental charges, which include:

  • Delivery
  • Rental
  • Minimum usage (if applicable)
  • Return & optional items
After you have returned the equipment & when your invoice is produced (usally the month after you have returned the equipment), the authorisation (350$ per phone) will be closed for any additional charges or balance adjustments.
A -  1. Press and hold the [+] key until the '+' symbol appears on the display.

2. Enter the country code (1)
    [the country code for both Canada and US is '1'].

3. Enter the area code.

4. Enter the telephone number.
    For example, to call (905) 555-4444 dial +1 905 555 4444
  Callers from North America should dial their international access code followed by your number, omitting the leading '0'. (e.g. If your number is 44 (0) 1764 555 555, callers from North America should dial 011 44 1764 555 555).

Local callers should omit the country code and include the leading '0'. A "local caller" is someone calling from within the country specified by your country code, which is represented by the first two digits of your mobile number. .

For example, if your number is 44 (0) 1764 555 555, callers from within the U.K. should dial 0 1764 555 555.

Callers from elsewhere should dial their international access code followed by your number, omitting the leading '0'.

Which country are you traveling to?
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