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ENGLAND: Getting Around

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As you'd expect of such a small and densely populated island, just about every place in Britain is accessible by train or bus. However, costs are among the highest in Europe - London's commuters spend more on getting to work than any of their European counterparts - while cross-country travel can eat up a large part of your budget.

It pays to plan ahead and make sure you're aware of all the passes and special deals on offer - note that some are only available outside Britain and must be purchased before you arrive. It's often cheaper to drive yourself around, though fuel and car rental costs again are among the highest in Europe and will seem prohibitive to North Americans. Use your England cellular phone rental to reserve a rental car.

Congestion around the main cities can be bad, and even the motorways are liable to sporadic gridlocks, especially on public holidays when what seems like half the population takes to the road. Use public transport like the London Underground and bus system to navigate without hassles.

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