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CUBA: Travel Tips

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-Cuba is considered among the safest countries in the world with a very low crime rate. Normal precautions with personal belongings is necessary – do not leave them unattended.

-While most foreigners and Cubans have no problems with the water, we recommend you drink bottled water at all times. A doctor or nurse is available to participants throughout the tour.

-You can use U.S. dollars while traveling in Cuba. Always carry a small amount of cash. Credit cards are not accepted everywhere.

-You should consider using a lockbox at hotels for valuables and cash.

-For personal transportation, take an official taxi such as Pana Taxi (tel 555 555). Private cabs are simply not worth the hassle.

-Any thing you bring to Cuba can be left behind for hospitals and schools – a good way to free up luggage space for souvenirs.

-Don't feel guilty about tipping – everyone benefits. Cuban tourist staff share tips with their co-workers who don't have access to them, and they all donate a portion of their tips to the national health and education systems. We recommend the following:

Porters: $1 or more if you have lots of bags
Waiters: 50 cents per meal at hotels
Chambermaids: $1 per day
Guide/translator: $2 per day per person
Bus driver: $1 per day per person
Taxi drivers: 15-20% of fare

-Do get an Cuba cell phone rental so you can stay in touch and coveniently get important information during your stay.

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