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CHINA: Culture

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Chinese people tend to be reserved, but they are hospitable. They are more group oriented than individualistic. Family is still very important in Chinese society. Elders are respected and are taken care of by younger family members. As a part of this “group orientation,” acquaintances help each other when asked. Not to do so, would be to lose respect (or face).Saving face is very important in this culture.

Chinese people appreciate order and promptness. Respect and obedience are mantras within the Chinese government. Chinese people dress conservatively; however, people in more urbanized areas regularly wear western-styled clothing. In rural areas, the pantsuits that became a symbol of China’s Mao Tse Tung era still remain a wardrobe staple.

Chinese people will greet one another with a slight bow or nod, as well as a handshake. When introductions are made, the full name of the person being introduced is provided. Chinese people prefer to keep distance between themselves and those they do not know. Touching is not acceptable when dealing with strangers and new acquaintances. Use your international cell phone rentals to make new contact when in China.


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