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BRAZIL: Local Customs

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Besides national holidays such as Carnival, Easter and Christmas, many religious or historical events are commemorated locally. Each city celebrates the date on which it was founded and the day of its patron saint. Some regional folk celebrations are moveable, with each village and neighbourhood staging their own party - usually festivals with music, dancing (sometimes in costumes) and stalls hawking the food and drinks traditionally prepared for the event.

The following calendar includes a few of the best local festivals.Use your international cellular phone rentals to find out more.

1 - Bom Jesus dos Navegantes. A four-day celebration in Salvador starts with a spectacular boat parade.
6 - the Epiphany. Regional celebrations, mostly in the northeast.
3rd Sunday - Festa do Bonfim. One of the largest festivals in Salvador.

2 - Iemanjá Festival in Salvador. The Afro-Brazilian goddess of the sea corresponds, in syncretism with Catholicism, with the Virgin Mary.

Good Friday (national holiday). Colonial Ouro Preto puts on a procession; passion play staged at Nova Jerusalem.

15-30 - Amazon Folk Festival, held in Manaus.

Bumba-Meu-Boi. Processions and street dancing in Maranhão are held in the second half of June and beginning of July.
Festas Juninas. Street festivals in June and early July in honour of saints John, Peter and Anthony, featuring bonfires, dancing and mock marriages.

Festa do Peão Boiadeiro, in Barretos, São Paulo state. The world's largest annual rodeo, with live Brazilian-style country music.

Oktoberfest, in Blumenau, staged by descendents of German immigrants.
Cirió, religious procession in Belém.

31 - New Year's Eve. On Rio de Janeiro beaches, gifts are offered to Iemanjá (the goddess of the sea), and millions gather to watch a massive fireworks display.

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