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BAHAMAS: Weather

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The Bahamas has a marine tropical climate, characterised by persistent easterly trade winds, with warm wet summers and cool dry winters. Aptly labelled the 'Isles of June'; the islands have a near perfect climate. Only rarely does the summertime temperature rise as high as 90°F, or winter temperatures fall below 60°F. To the millions of tourists who visit the islands annually The Bahamas, with its 70°F average year round temperature, is simply Paradise. The lowest recorded temperature is 44,1°F and the highest recorded temperature is 94,4°F.

Humidity is fairly high, especially during the summer months, but there is a constant breeze over the islands which lessens the humid effect. Winds are predominantly easterly throughout the year but north to northeast winds may occur during the winter months. The average wind speed is below 10 knots but north-easterly winds of up to 25 knots could occur in winter. The islands can be affected by hurricanes and tropical storms between the months of June and November. That's why it's a good idea to have a mobile phone rental in case you get caught in an emergency.

Based on a 90-year period of statistics parts of The Bahamas may expect to experience tropical storm conditions on average every nine years with hurricane conditions far less frequently. An efficient warning system gives ample notice for necessary precautions to be taken.

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