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BAHAMAS: Religion

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Religion is an integral part of Bahamian life. Even the tiniest village has a church—some even have two. The people's religious ardor and high regard for education are evidence of their Puritan heritage, derived from the Eleutheran adventurers. Music is also in the very bones of the people. African rhythms, Caribbean Calypso, English folk songs, and the uniquely Bahamian Goombay beat echo in the air. The fast-tempoed “goom-bahhh” resonating from the drums can be traced back to the days of slavery and is used both for storytelling and dancing.  

A heavily religious country, there are more places of worship per person in the Bahamas than any other nation in the world. Christianity is the main religion on the islands, with Baptists forming the largest denomination (about one third), followed by the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

A few people, especially in the southern and eastern islands, practice obeah , a spiritistic religion similar to voodoo . While well-known throughout the Bahamas, obeah is shunned by many people. Voodoo is practiced, but almost exclusively by immigrants from Haiti. You can use your international mobile phone rental to find the closest place of worship near you.

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