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BAHAMAS: Culture

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Although The Bahamas are as diverse and numerous as the days of the year, the reassuring unifier is the charm and hospitality of its people. The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism offers a People-to-People programme; an opportunity for visitors to experience a genuine and informal taste of Bahamian hospitality and culture. Volunteers holding interests similar to yours give you a taste of Bahamian life and potentially a lifelong friendship. Use your cell phone rental to get more information on taking part in this wonderful programme.

People-to-People is a year-round Ministry of Tourism programme intended to give visitors a genuine and informal view of Bahamian hospitality and culture as you might see it when visiting a friend. Volunteers holding interests similar to yours are available to give a sample of Bahamian life in a convenient, personal way. Use your cellular phone rental to make contacts. Join them at home for pleasant conversation and an authentic Bahamian meal, at civic or social clubs, at a church service or sports event, or see the sights with a native interpretation. 

Take part in one of the main organized events of the program: the monthly Tea Party at Government House. It is open to 200 guests, who are hosted by the wife of the Governor-General of The Bahamas.

Bahamians will be more than happy to introduce you to the richness of their culture. The laid-back attitude of Bahamians is often misunderstood by those unaware that it evolves from years of a good life in a land where nature provides every need. There is always time to worry about the bad things tomorrow. Bahamians are humorous, helpful people who love to celebrate. Don't get too angry if you want to go shopping and everything is closed... (that's why it's a good idea to call prior to visiting using your Bahama cell phone rental.) It's probably the Queen's Birthday or some other holiday. Weddings and funerals in The Bahamas are especially important social events. People begin celebrating a marriage weeks before the official ceremony begins, and the passing of loved ones is commemorated by parties long after they are gone. 

As in all countries, the people in the Islands of the Bahamas have traditions. You can see these traditions by observing the way the citizens treat ailments, the idioms or slang they use and the way they celebrate holidays. Bahamian traditions have developed over the past 300 years. As people from different countries have settled on the islands and different cultures have lived side-by-side, Bahamians have developed traditions unique to their country.


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